Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We are getting close!

We are nearing the home stretch! If this baby comes when he is due we have less than 7 weeks left! I can't believe he will be here so soon! The third trimester is definitely more exhausting than I had anticipated. I get VERY tired before I get off work and usually come home and go straight to bed. We did have a tiny scare two weeks ago (31 weeks)--I was cramping enough to call my doctor to make sure everything was okay. I was instructed to come in and get checked. The worrier in me kicked in big time! I immediately got choked up, started crying (in front of my poor students) and nearly ran out of my classroom! My sweet coworkers covered for me as I literally flew to the hospital. Rob met me there and I was checked (twice!) and hooked up to a monitor. Everything was okay but was told to drink lots of water, stay off my feet, and not get stressed (ha!). So I took the next day off. I am back at work and trying my best to take it easy and not get stressed. I asked all of my students to tell me to sit down if they see me standing too long and to remind me to drink water. They are doing an awesome job! I get quite a lot of reminders every day!

Here are a few more bump pictures to document little guy's growth!

 First UT game of the season! 27 weeks

 Dinner in Galveston--29 weeks!
 Sadly, one of the few official "bump" pics! 29 weeks!

 Dinner at Taste of Texas with Daddy! 30 weeks!

 Trying to stay off my feet at 31 weeks! (Rob pushed me around Home Depot)

Spontaneous Date Night to Sparrow! 32 weeks!

A few interesting things that have happened the past few weeks:
1. More than one person has asked me if I was sure there was only one baby in my belly (just another thing to add to my book of what NOT to say to pregnant ladies!)
2. We are so blessed and thankful for such sweet friends! It's like Christmas over here! Packages arriving a few times a week. All gifts for RHL!
3. RHL is loving kicking his mommy, especially at night! He prefers to be on my right side but he must be growing because he's starting to kick me all over!

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